Webmaster growth note five how many articles do you update every day

I always believe that the details determine the success or failure of this sentence, on the website, each of the smallest details will determine your site’s success and failure.

talked about the last set of columns of website, after the website set up, the rest is updated every day, so all the new and old webmaster, remove the collection, you update daily content on your website


that’s an important topic. The number of your articles determines the number of websites that search engines search for you, so, in theory, the more content you have, the more search engines are of course. Your website does not have any articles, natural search engines included less, remove SEO, your website visit quantity will also be less. In the age when content is king, the number of updates has the meaning of decision! read more

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Network = hype

network has become a symbol of the new era, is also representative work, is the film, television, radio, newspapers and other media after another big media. The network contribution is significant, on the opposite side of the earth, we directly on the Sohu sina.yahoo, you can see at a glance, its real-time and cross regional, than before the media a lot stronger, our TV media is "time made or issued, far, for a simple example, maybe many webmaster friends you love to see NBA, but now the network media through a variety of ways to report information, video, text, and you see the information and the relevant analysis is real-time, compared to other media or slightly inferior. read more

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Talking about three different reaction attitudes of visitors in network promotion

promotion is every site must be completed homework. As the website operator, I think everyone must have their own promotion strategy, but sometimes we do the perfect strategy, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. In fact, the promotion of visitors and we are familiar with the SEO promotion model in fact still have some differences, the object is different, SEO, we focus more on the search engine, and visitors promotion is to face visitors. The object of the visitor’s promotion is the visitor, and all the feedback received is directly from the visitor, and each of the different actions can lead to a different response from the visitor. Therefore, visitor response is the most important factor in developing promotion plans. The following author from visitors in the face of the promotion of several different reactions to talk about the site of visitors promotion. read more

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Walk out of the bottleneck of website design by yourself

website has been a long time, but every time a new project is brought up, there is a nameless worry and panic. In addition to the design level should be improved, I often think about what is the relationship between some web design and personal ability! An excellent web site, regardless of the complexity of the animation station, or simple information site, good people seem to have in mind some of the evaluation criteria, but fell to practice, but appear so difficult to qualitative aesthetic, like human, not the same. Why do some people do things look so comfortable? This does not know how much the page designer distressed topic, I still want to go again, thinking and summary, on the one hand can give people some inspiration just begin to do a website, also let his impetuous thought of Ji Jinping and static read more

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Shut down from the Sohu forum to discuss the reasons for the decline of traditional BBS communities

today, Sohu community announced that it will officially stop service on April 20, 2017. It is reported that the Sohu community since its establishment in 1999, a total of 18 years of operation. BBS, once the rage, has lost its brilliance, but the Sohu is not the traditional forum.


light year forum closed in October 20, 2012.

flag network closed in July 28, 2015.

NetEase forum closed on October 19, 2016.

is now in a few running forums, and the situation is also not optimistic.

began in 2014, the world’s revenue began to show negative growth, a large number of users were micro-blog, WeChat diversion, the product has no breakthrough, sustained recession has made the world unsustainable. read more

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Station is bound to commercialize can be profitable

a long time ago, people made their own home page for interest, expressing their feelings, and looking for friends who share common interests online. But today, now personal site do more and more like commercial site, in the Internet casually click on a personal site, but see a few kinds of style:

1.YAHOO search engine, a lot of categories, such as personal homepage classification, business information classification, site classification, classification and computer technology have, unless it is otherwise in the professional category, personal power systems are difficult to maintain a large data at the same time, no reputation, no new site from the registration of the new site, so the life of these sites are usually short, what person did not sustain patience. read more

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A rookie do standing three months experience

you see this title is not to three months can have what experience? Do stand sour, sweet, bitter, it is standing outside the people can understand, the failure and joy they can know what? A successful website, he is not behind the luster of the mo the sweat condenses the webmaster. I salute all the webmaster.

to ask me to do station motivation, to tell the truth, see online, Ma said, after a few years, online shopping will be very developed, not to see the outside shopping people, but the logistics of the car running around. Ma Yun referred to the Tao guest promotion, Ma Yun said to the guest to solve the employment of 100 thousand people, Thomas heroes yoshikoto, I at the beginning of the year to Amoy promotion in the army, made a " era; taobao.com " shopping guide Station, although late, but later on is not according to the possibility of not Human effort is the decisive factor.. Well, the promotion of predecessors have already earned pours, let me eye-opening, before the Internet every day, it is white, how much we wasted youth, time?… You tell me to hesitate to what time? Not to act now, guest promotion has just pulled the curtain. Don’t envy others, believe in yourself, you have to do, after three months you would like me to feel, with a " has been in a canoe; " new volume fits. read more

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How simple rules of good website

with the continuous development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to focus on online business opportunities, have built up their own web site platform. At present, the enterprise website faces many problems: the content is few, the product renewal is slow, the promotion is difficult, and in addition, the search engine unceasingly adjusts the algorithm. Do domestic product enterprise station, mainly rely on the promotion of baidu this year, baidu made a major adjustment in the algorithm, the home page is basically Baidu own products (Wikipedia entry, Post Bar, ah, know, blog) will occupy an important position, then part of the home page and page two of some location ranking is the large number of classified information website and some of the station a long time of the forum and blog. In addition the enterprise station is Baidu more and more money so the only way which must be passed the advertising on the website optimization of enterprise is more and more difficult, now the website to Baidu page second (general index thousands) basically no traffic, because the first, second pages of content basically no readability. How to do a good job enterprise station 177 car summary, from several aspects to start. read more

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A writing teacher’s standing experience on the site of the day P breakthrough 300

300ip on the portal station, station, station and entertainment industries dump body is really a drop in the bucket, not worth mentioning, but for the application of writing such niche sites is an important milepost. Back at the end of May the site just on the line when the daily traffic is only single digits, with the passage of time, a slight improvement, the amount included in Baidu also increased gradually, but the primitive events will be the site of sudden prodding, months of independence has been hovering below 50 ip. I think any station people will therefore continue to shake the determination, but after entering November, Baidu more and more to face, to the flow of every day is increasing, finally in November 19th exceeded 300ip. Here is a brief summary of what has happened in the past few months. read more

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s it ripe for a personal mobile site

mobile phone website development also has so many years, but a lot of individual Adsense team has not really dissolved into.

so, what’s the reason? Is it the time,


, let’s take a look at the following text and maybe give you an answer. Here is an article quoting www.httpeye.cn.

It’s a headache for

to browse web pages on his mobile phone. Although some progress has been made in recent years, many pages still can not be downloaded and displayed on the mobile phone, and the multimedia content on some websites can not be broadcast on the mobile phone frequently. Now, the wireless communications industry is actively working to improve the effect of mobile browsing, hoping it will be as close as possible to surfing the web on a personal computer. read more

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