Challenging traditional headhunting services 100offer is going to be an auction programmer business

100offer is a vertical recruitment platform and an auction in the high-end programmers, target users work for more than two years, a second tier Internet company, the annual salary of 20W – 80W programmers, programmers only need your resume to 100offer, you can "auction", is the entry, will receive a bonus of 3000 yuan 100offer the.


(this article is from the special feature of the titanium media, "entrepreneur says")

30W registered users, 1989 companies settled, 1500W yuan A round, which is 100offer founder Jia Zhifan led by 15 teams within half a year to hand over the results.

100offer is a vertical recruitment platform for middle and high end programmers, inspired by Silicon Valley talent auction platform Hired, and 100offer is basically a reference to Hired’s entire set of systems and models.

100offer target users work for more than two years, the Internet has worked for a two line company, the annual salary of 20W – 80W range of programmers. In 100offer, a programmer can auction himself by simply putting his resume on the platform, and the whole auction process is this way:

programmers deliver data to the HR through the initial screening of the 100offer, and HR gives the favorite programmer a salary, and the programmer chooses the enterprise interview according to his own will. When a programmer confirms an interview, the 100offer experience will arrange for the car to be interviewed, and if hired, the 100offer will receive a $3000 bonus and gift.

why choose auction programmers as the starting point, 100offer founder Jia Zhifan has its own logic, the first team is most programmers, programmers know better; secondly, the programmer is severe in Internet, love around, are more likely to accept the "auction" of the new model; thirdly, the annual salary of 20W – 80W programmers are often unable to in the general recruitment website to meet the treatment appreciation of the needs, and does not belong to the pursuit of profit maximization headhunting company’s main goals.

currently, 100offer will meet once a week for each auction auction, the number of programmers in 100-200, the 400-800 auction for a month, the average per person to participate in the auction of the programmer can get a 5-10 request for an interview, not get a satisfactory job of the programmer, no need to repeat the submitted data, can be directly into the next phase of the auction.

bidirectional constraint mechanism and privacy protection

, according to Jia Zhifan, 100offer is dedicated to finding better offer for the best programmers, and 100offer will show the selected candidates to >

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