Need to pay attention on the construction of the chain of Shanghai Dragon

three, the chain website has been involved in illegal content or punishment website

R Shanghai Longfeng to have a clear understanding of the chain both play a decisive role in the keyword weight of a station or the site’s ranking, but most of the time is often because the chain of problems often lead to K station, lower right is Shanghai’s eleven heavy love phenomenon, as the saying goes: ". Should we do when the chain has a degree, but a lot of people are very difficult to grasp the degree. Below I simple some common problems in the construction of the chain and about the consequences.

, a large number of low quality of the chain

in the process of optimizing the site, most people think the chain the more the better, for the site’s weight and ranking will play a positive role, which is one of the most basic and most common mistakes. This approach both from the site itself or search engine from the point of view is wrong. Because the search engine has become more and more intelligent, in the construction of the chain in the first search engine is the interpretation of other websites to your site to vote, once the site links too much, it is very likely to be search engine to determine the link group or one operation. This is a violation of the search engine for the chain explanation. Once the search engine for the chain such as mass determination. The consequences are very serious, light snapshot delay, while direct K station.

this is not to admit any search engine, but through comparison and research, we found that many sites, search engines do so outside the chain of a joint punishment of all export sites. Particularly serious is the jurisprudence derived from the basic link, spared. (for example mass weight after I before the forum replies, accidentally own station sent to the jurisprudence site, the "

two, the chain and its main theme category seriously inconsistent


for the construction of the chain too much, often is the chain of relatively low weight of. This will fundamentally affect the weight of the website, the search engine for the authority of the site, doubt the rigor of keywords to give ranking is not too high.

when the concept was first has been mentioned, but because of the complexity of the construction of the chain and difficult to control, people often ignore this. In fact, when the search engine will automatically grab the page, to review articles belonging to the category, which will check outside the chain of the target page industry categories, such as similar types, search engine will think the station is independent to target station polling. The weight will also maximize. Of course, as the chain of construction need to go with the industry to do so, the operation is quite difficult, so we need in the news articles under foot. For example, his article is posted to the Admin5 or Chinaz, because the search engines for the chain of news and information of the, not in the great emphasis on whether the same industry.

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