The new Google PR two months up to 2 share optimization experience

through a lot of practice I found that before and after the search engine more website visitors included more frequently. So friends can use their website traffic statistical analysis user access to the peak and then publish the article in the peak before the number of sites according to their own strength to consider. Don’t send a N, then a few days aside. The best time is updated every day, and every day in the above mentioned articles.

a lot of friends and the quality to publish original articles, that is the end of the release. In fact, an article on the Internet has a quality article is the need to have more in the chain, and are closely related to the station. Within the chain how to do? A keyword, a title can add links, link address is a special column, can be an article, can also be a tag cloud. Of course, the general is the main station in the core keywords and links. read more

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The website open speed how to do 5 optimization techniques of site speed

website images can directly affect the site loading time, and ultimately affect the site open time. At the same time, there is often a lot of pictures on the website, can guarantee the quality of the image and the picture is compressed to a small number of bytes. So, the compressed volume is as small as possible to the website pictures website picture optimization of important work, through this work basically can double the speed of the site.

four, Web picture delay load

web page in order to ensure the appearance, we usually limit the picture display area is usually assigned to the picture display size. But in fact the true size of these images are often higher than the specified picture display size high. As a result, the website will not only lead to fuzzy deformation shown in the picture, but also lead to picture the number of bytes larger, open speed. So it is necessary to intercept web image size as small as possible. read more

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Can directly affect website ranking four wrong behavior

many times owners in the production or the day after tomorrow will automatically generate a sitemap will not map the whole situation, the development of this kind of situation and is closely related to the site, a very simple example: search engine spiders to A point a way to go, after entering into the C B point to point, the road was in the middle, this is a dangerous thing. Like today’s Sichuan earthquake in Ya’an, a group of people who had a normal schedule, results of an earthquake will hit the rest of the time suddenly interrupted, it will cause much impact on the residents, so we were in their own site map production or automatically generated must remember to check the site map when complete, if not complete would rather not map nor can the middle of search engine spiders crawl. read more

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A new method for 1 days on the front page of the weight of keywords

when I was at noon yesterday just made a forum – Shanghai dragon forum


website must first choose a smaller competitive name, then the site of the setting plate ah what are doing a good job, to the Shanghai dragon.

The ! !

site! The chain is also very important, the chain weight will be set up, the inside pages have significantly improved

2, the web site of the Shanghai dragon set, meaning that the number of layout of the site and some Shanghai dragon title and description, set good! Is this set of general title (the name plate name site name (name) or the site name read more

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Pay attention to the details of the Shanghai dragon on the rational use of nofollow Tags

will have an unexpected effect This year, Shanghai has declared

2, website advertising nofollow advertising, is the most profitable way, because advertisers and advertising is money published, so we have no reason and necessary and whether audit on the content and the site right down, but if once encountered such a site, we could not turn them away before, we do often use iframe or JS to call, and now the spider love Shanghai more and more intelligent, also can be detected by simple JS code, for such cases, we can deal with nofollow now, will risk their website weight to a minimum. read more

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How to construct the high quality articles

. In recent years, some excellent technology website has done very well, for example, geeks Park, Tencent IDC, I horse, everyone is a product manager, Techweb and so on. We see the stationmaster net often reproduced these website article, Guangzhou odd billion network Xiaobian also went to see the article, very professional, argument, argumentation and argument is full, and the use of language ability is strong, although the article is very long, but read down or have enough feeling. We then compare the Webmaster Platform and Shanghai dragon blog that submission by the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er articles, most can only clear, reasonable, barely written, but on the expression ability, language ability, the difference is a big slice. Is it because others are professional scholars and we are just a webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is obviously not?. Look at those scientific articles, in addition to the news, as the most argumentative, therefore, Xiao Bian today from the writing point of view, combined with the actual situation, and to discuss how to create a high quality of the original article, a few simple steps, you are master of read more

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Do Shanghai dragon says what is nonsense do ranking is the hard truth

Shanghai dragon one can give the webmaster webmaster to bring a stable flow, technology of customers, according to the time progress, advanced technology, Shanghai dragon optimization methods continue to change, from the beginning of the site in a large number of embedded keywords, to now consider the user’s experience of embedded keywords based on reasonable. All of this is Shanghai dragon optimization technology change, and whether it is everyone, students and young entrepreneurs, we all want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, promote sales of network help, so more and more people want to learn Shanghai dragon, and appeared in the network of Shanghai Longfeng technical articles are also more and more. It can be said about modern Shanghai dragon in tens of thousands of novices, when searching in the network learning materials, although it is easy to check To Shanghai dragon, but for the Internet to see the article is dazzling, but there are many novice in the study of Shanghai dragon saw some of the crooked ways Shanghai Dragon technology, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng novices started thinking is completely wrong, emerge in an endless stream problem in the optimization process in the future, so do Shanghai Dragon said what are nonsense, only can help you make the ranking of the article is the best, I summed up a set of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the optimization work for many years in the Shanghai dragon, in general do website optimization ranking is more than sufficient, so I take this set of processes to share, the three sets of processes is divided into three parts, the crap, cut to the chase: read more

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Help small entrepreneurs such a platform you want to haveWang Gongquan entrepreneurship is like a

2015, Wantong Pandanyi period of the right-hand man, Wang Gongquan became a partner for many years Yang Xueshan home, saw Wang Gongquan idle for a long time, so you can not stay there, you do what we do together with you." At that time Yang Xueshan was running a Gannan Yugur Ethnic Characteristics of the confluence of hotel, holiday products and humanities content, emotion, which seems to Wang Gongquan will be the future of the market breaking point.

Jianghu technology maintenance O2O industry solutions with the following characteristics: read more

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All the key words about the actual web design website ranking first experience

third layout and distribution, this is very important, keyword density is not too high, not too low, I personally think it over, about 5%, both search engines such as >


suddenly do optimization has been 3 years, just started doing take a lot of detours, now think meet mistake is a good thing, although some good, every day, which taught me a lot but in the actual operation will make the same problem, oh, let me use me to share website keywords the love of Shanghai ranked first in secret, in fact is not what secret, I’m just here to sum up. read more

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Graphic explanation Discuz forum set second bomb

After entering Setting method and

partition partition sub forum settings need to set several functions, you can add sub section definition icon, icon size, top picture, color forum sub forum, URL steering and rules. The following figure:


, as shown in our "forum sub plate" is set to 3, you can also set the partition name colors and partition sub forum sub forum shows the number of rows. The following figure:

is as follows:

DZ installed after landing back, click to the forum management forum. The following small series to Shanghai dragon WHY forum as an example, figure: read more

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Enterprise site three keywords harmonious collocation to improve the conversion rate


leaves the whole tree full of vigour. The role of long tail keywords for a business site, as it makes more and more care to your store to buy, do not buy things, but also the keywords and key charm. And the long tail keywords competitiveness is also one of the three smallest, the number is the largest. And the long tail keywords layout is in the content on the page, it is in the secondary keywords and keywords at the same time, also makes the product more understanding of buyers. So do enterprise site, we must make the leaves lush, decorated with branches and trunk, and let the three coordinate collocation enhance the site UV. read more

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Chen Yurong look at the starting point of Shanghai dragon novel network

as a Shanghai dragon Er, although the level is not high, but the occupation needs, Chen Yurong most of the day in front of the computer, not take care of their own customers, is wandering in the webmaster nets, Shanghai dragon forum, in addition I love is small, as the world’s largest Chinese novel station. The starting point of Chinese network certainly will not miss, for occupation habits, specially to see the starting point Chinese network in Shanghai Longfeng, suddenly found the starting point Chinese network in Shanghai Longfeng less. read more

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265 Union YOK super search tools to install ad expiresLAN source and shlf1314 may invest 20 millio

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

thunder is a community P2P download tools, currently downloaded more than 50 million times, its direct competitors for the popular FTP download software Flashget, its user volume has reached 120 million. It is worth mentioning that has been acquired by ZCOM Flashget also close relationship with shlf1314, Flashget has been bundled with the shlf1314 toolbar, shlf1314 has invested in 265 companies and 265 navigation website, has been in close association with ZCOM. read more

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A new method to rapidly improve the keywords ranking nobility baby home

1, first of all, we need an original article, which contains two target keywords.

8, at some sites frequently updated links into the previously mentioned and the station.

in a method of improving the ranking by the noble baby recently, now for everyone to share.

2, TBS (The Best Spinner) software for this article pseudo original article, when only reached 80-90% OK.

5, released 13 articles pseudo original articles to over 13 other Web 2 website. The article also includes two key links, a key link to step three of the 12 Web2.0 website, another key link to 12 in step four of the station. read more

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But the chain website doesn’t rank the reason you did analysis

"fish fish shrimp turtle find find find bastard" this old saying, in fact, is the same for the platform outside the chain, the chain is because we need to find some platform for publishing, but this time many owners have ignored the pertinence, leading to the chain of low quality and not related to the subject. So there is no help to enhance our website weight. So this time we still need to find some related theme with their web platform for publishing, no need to find some irrelevant websites or chain oh. A simple point example, seventh communes do couples dress is a type of website, because couples dress and child dress and other products, so small usually send the chain are looking for some clothes clothing exchange platform, sharing platform, the benefits of doing so is to bring us flow and also can increase the weight of the website. read more

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Classic film internal links to this site popular keywords

, 4 generation static page or JS call file: website used to generate static pages, can generate the relevant content of the page, or generate static pages using JS expansion. It is best to choose a new generation ID period.

7, and other such as building site maps, page level, >

1, see included and ranking love Shanghai, the day the noble baby.

included and ranking can be included in many webmaster online inquiries, and whether there is a keyword ranking; and then to love Shanghai index query search volume keywords ranking. A considerable amount of search keywords within the chain optimization. If we can not determine whether the relevant keywords, can enter the traffic statistics query. The discovery of new keywords can be considerable. read more

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Webmaster self discipline start with meHave a common heart optimistic confidence determination pers

Choosing a goal

tantamount to shooting itself in the foot, also smashed the integrity of stationmaster feet, to establish a credit system, let the webmaster self-discipline together, mutual supervision and reporting of bad faith webmaster. The following write their feelings and we encourage each other.

, if I generalize the Wangzhuan process in one sentence, "This is one step choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything!" this sentence is the most appropriate.

with our sharp vision, smart wit and hard work, read more

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Who has split up the nternet video adsOnly all the goods free shipping good gift

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

unique alliance

more League information goes on:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

activities details:


in fact, in addition to distributing subscribers and content providers, individual video sites even share the cost of watching users, that is to say, "advertising can also get cash."". It is reported that, as long as users in accordance with the requirements to watch the top of the net, specifically set up in the advertising area of any one video advertising, you can get 0.7 yuan. When accumulated to 50 yuan, it can be converted into cash.
"hobby" can make money
of course, most of the web advertising to browse to a particularly high amount of this video, advertising or shared video upload or shared content maker. read more

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Dark horse happy small world advertising price increasesSeven cattle entrepreneurial story do China’

dark horse League


lead: the boundaries of traditional technology are rapidly being broken, the boundaries between the traditional Internet and mobile networks are rapidly blurred, and everything on the Internet is moving rapidly. Mobile discovery focuses on discovering and sharing new trends and applications across the web.

we can find and share the Internet mobile Internet new trends and applications, but also to the domestic Internet industry practitioners and entrepreneurs to provide self display products and the Internet mobile Internet industry the opportunity to view. read more

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Hold up to Xu Xiaoping Zhang Ying such investor you don’t understand their unspoken rule07 years t

3 Xu Xiaoping’s "unspoken rule" Three: artificial intelligence

recently, Xu Xiaoping particularly optimistic about the field of artificial intelligence. If you happen to be >

number one: Xu Xiaoping,

"but moved by someone else, I don’t have anything.". "Don’t worry, it won’t move Xu Xiaoping, and the next one.".

every entrepreneur has a capital dream, but capital often favors only a small number of people.

1 Xu Xiaoping’s "unspoken rules" 1: throw read more

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