How to make fast long ranked keywords


is valuable in content, allowing users to more easily and more easy to learn to view, so the pages open faster, "the definition," form of advertising and other factors to the Shanghai dragon ranking will be.

two, the content of the3, reasonable layout

now do Shanghai dragon is very clear, very easy to use before techniques are constantly eliminated, so a lot of very simple you can do the ranking, is now very difficult.



search engine has been doing, "are there in million in the search engine and sorting unit, there is naturally a complicated calculation considering a variety of factors and dimensions, so early in the algorithm is not perfect, it is easy to do in Shanghai Longfeng nature. read more

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Now Shanghai dragon operation especially beginners to the problems and corresponding countermeasur

Shanghai dragon from 2007 the introduction of China, began to rise, but the real widely accepted research station and also in 2009, now the development of Shanghai dragon is relatively mature, but at this time but there are many problems, and even some problems to put down the point; here are some of the common problems and corresponding countermeasures

three: the chain of excess, or is the chain of garbage too much

in recent years, because the Shanghai dragon is a small, low cost and high return on the way, all the basic webmaster are Shanghai dragon, but there has been a lot of problems: the first web page keywords stack; some owners to put in a lot of key words in the title tag, familiar tags, Keywords tag, image tag some serious, repeated, or in the footer on the heap a lot of key words, general Shanghai Longfeng easy for beginners to make such a mistake, this is a typical Shanghai dragon cheating, the consequences can only be a website is not found recorded or blocked; read more

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On April 22nd Google released the improved algorithm views

3, further weakening the PR value. The last PR update also dates back to the end of 2010, the half year not to update, by the PR value to drive the website ranking approach increasingly untenable.

4, the link is not omnipotent. Light on the link to Shanghai dragon technique becomes more and more weak, such as the prevalence of the so-called "sprocket technology". In this paper the reference to "again emphasized the quality of Google Guide (quality guidelines) to evaluate your website" high quality "," the basic principles of quality guidelines in it contains: please don’t participate in the link to improve your site’s ranking scheme or PageRank. read more

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Pay attention to electric business circle game ranking analysis and summarize the harvest

electric District Fourth: Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Lao Chen’s blog

electric district second:

from the data, collected and the chain is very good, in all of the participating stations, it should be said that this is the international and domestic Website Ranking Ranking of the best, the top two website PR is 0, and the site of PR was 4, with a strong correlation to Links, from said. OK network is the main share of electronic business knowledge, can be said that the correlation is very good, but the three stations in common is: is the gateway station. It should be said that the strong correlation and Links are main factors of high ranking, personally feel that the station theory should be ranked the best. read more

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n today’s era of how to write high quality articles information

this sentence probably we all understand that every industry has the industry elite talent, so if you want to become the industry leader, love of this industry is certainly essential. Think now do a few sectors of the most popular Shanghai dragon service, Taobao enterprise website and the guest website, medical site. Love the stars take a machinery industry’s own website for example, if I were to write a mechanical industry articles, not to mention the high quality articles, can gather together enough 500 words thank you. So I love the stars is how to solve it? I first go to some large portal machinery industry to find some related technical articles, and then based on his understanding of this article, use their own language to organize some words, such a lengthy sprinkling sprinkling the original article was born. In fact, want to get the high quality of the article is very simple, no need is the entire paragraph copy, believe that through several months of practice, so that the master, at least write some high quality original articles have been poking more, at the same time. read more

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How to share the sprocket Optimization Website promotion experience first


looks blog sprocket is not small, then I will maintain a website and blog sprocket sprocket, finally after a month, the ranking of the site finally routed to the first place, this is my efforts have not been in vain, but the chain optimization of success, I also found that, in the sprocket optimization that is not an easy thing, because they are engaged in the chain, almost every day to sleep only two or three hours, because a large number of posts need to tidy up, seven websites need to maintain, for individuals, the workload is very big! No perseverance. read more

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Japan Shanghai dragon forever for you to uncover the mystery of Yahoo JAPAN ranking

in Japan is the main market of YAHOO search engine, and production technology Japanese are relatively conservative, good technology will never come to share, good software also has the possibility of a one-time buyout, every month to pay for. In the face of these, in the face of technology sharing, good software can not buy a case, what do you think, let Japan Shanghai dragon to uncover the veil of mystery for us.

Kunaga: Hello, my name is Jiu Yonglei, was called Qian Lei the next seven years, now working in Japan Tokyo a chain of beauty shop, beauty shop chain company responsible for network promotion, you can do the Japanese Shanghai dragon company rarely at home. Understand Japanese, can also do internal optimization. A member of the Japanese National Association. Shanghai dragon is committed to building the Sino Japanese cultural exchange platform, have a deep understanding of. read more

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The owners need 360 comprehensive search knowledge

360 comprehensive search after the last 3B station began after the seemingly dormant, not what big news revealed, 360 comprehensive search and love in Shanghai "stealth" change, it is for us the webmaster what is good or bad? Let’s analyze related news about 360 comprehensive search.

5.360 search drop-down box. Love Shanghai search drop-down box, 360 search is a search box, but because the 360 search launched a short time, so it’s the drop-down box entry is not many, only three, is significantly less than the love of Shanghai. Many webmaster love love Shanghai brush drop-down box, now 360 search drop-down box has emerged, the webmaster is read more

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Let fly with the competition website reasonable ranking

novice friends always love for their website Links worry, always can not find suitable for their own website. In fact, as long as we use a competitor’s site, this is not an issue. After we put the competition website all Links all collected, door every day in exchange for 10 friends of the chain, the general success is about 3, so that the work can fix for 10 days. Moreover, the quality of a chain is good, you think, a competitor’s site is done, there will be much of a problem? (of course, before the exchange still need to simply check!) read more

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Need to pay attention on the construction of the chain of Shanghai Dragon

three, the chain website has been involved in illegal content or punishment website

R Shanghai Longfeng to have a clear understanding of the chain both play a decisive role in the keyword weight of a station or the site’s ranking, but most of the time is often because the chain of problems often lead to K station, lower right is Shanghai’s eleven heavy love phenomenon, as the saying goes: ". Should we do when the chain has a degree, but a lot of people are very difficult to grasp the degree. Below I simple some common problems in the construction of the chain and about the consequences. read more

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Shanghai dragon on Optimization of the new station on the line included how to submit love Shanghai

at the same time, I used to test multiple web sites, these test sites, there is a new station, the old station. Because there is no other NetEase like Sina, this station, so the data is not enough, more for the new sites included station and included the inside pages to do the analysis,

2: but every day, we all know that Shanghai will continue to love a spider is a new crawling web pages in internet. According to the number of website test and analysis, found that there is a rule, love Shanghai spider’s work schedule is four hours for a read more

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Shanghai dragon is no more what to do 2013 structure

blog: in fact, structure always appreciate blog brings personal value, when you work hard every day to update the article, then released, and then share their views to others, what.

site structure, who laid the foundation for the stick here, now the website structure also slowly toward the simple, Robin last year "Shanghai dragon training" has laid the basis for this, but the chain is not on, simple structure of the website already with the most the simple first, most used tags in the station is read more

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A personal view About sh419 alliance the credit crisisOn the nternet about entrepreneurship and ot


But the

said this, I can only Speechless, sh419 ah, for the credit crisis, my personal point of view, sh419 is completely caused by hand. Your own rules, then you also to break this rule, which is tantamount to self defeating, its consequences, nature is a foolish step, I believe that a person’s voice may be small, however, ten, one hundred, one thousand such sounds, you can sh419 such disregard for

I don’t know how much money they sh419 buckle, but I think, no matter how much it is the webmaster hard month results. 15, they see the other members get paid, but no one, how do you feel, do Wangzhuan people are clear. read more

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Bridge site external optimization and search engine built

2, when the bookmark setting can choose to use keywords to do title, so enhance the importance of the keywords in the eyes of the spider. Tag classification label better, it can be free to consider the directory structure to the classification, relationship among all tag is a parallel relationship, but also according to the classification of the correlation analysis will often appear tag relationship produced a correlation, which can greatly enhance the search engine friendliness and let the article by spiders better grab. The best website add bookmarks code convenient spider crawling when included the classification. Links can be added in the back. read more

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The first enterprise station or the first page keywords shots do long tail keywords

, thank you for your cooperation ?

today I suddenly saw a piece of text, let me enlighten, is the enterprise station in the end is the county as keywords or do long tail keywords

today, I finally understand, why do we get a business station, the main keywords to do first home instead of long tail keywords? Pipa, reverse thinking is not these words should be used to need new ideas in terms of website promotion? Why do I feel more competitive than do the long tail word keywords? I think there are a few points: first, the majority of enterprises station, such as our machinery enterprise station, do long term promotion is not many, actually have, though not necessarily think they can do the optimization of the long tail word, the optimized master key. Second, the long tail word has its advantages, because the enterprise station pages long tail words are generally long tail word do product page ranking, the product page is only one product, the customer through the long tail word came in, to meet his needs, don’t need to put the home page is a single product, but also put all the products and tangle. Third, outside the chain to a single page, the hair of the chain, as long as a long tail word. The home will set up 3 key words above, the word chain, the word chain less, ranking is also different. The boss will always say what word why has been, why the ranking is good, but is not flow? Long tail words are to the targeted traffic, the turnover rate will be very high (before why I didn’t think of that? Also do the bidding, bidding the landing page is the product page, just write to the front page of URL only). Look at the traffic situation of Henan Hui website: read more

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Rose Shanghai dragon is the smallest unit of a single page optimization

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a single page

as many friends said, to take control of Shanghai dragon is very difficult, because the search engine algorithm is progressive, especially love Shanghai, change to the search engine algorithm we want to timely, must know in Shanghai Longfeng science theory, because only science to do Shanghai Longfeng, each step in order to fundamentally grasp the Shanghai dragon, has great advantages in the fundamental.

website is divided into a plurality of pages, each page can do one or more of the keywords, which give > read more

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Shanghai dragon optimization Links exchange steps

seven: look at the quality, to see you in the Links web sites on other sites to link quality, how to see it for quality links, if some are not open the site and page down the right, it is best not to change, maybe it is now the ranking is good, but is unstable, right down. You have to change the website website, which affects your website, which is linked, is affected by the degree of the same.

Links is a patient, careful work, Links is also a patient, and not make things better, add some Links, submit your website in exchange Links website, making friends online for extensive links, links and record memo. read more

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The education portal revision eye catching search box to increase user search experience


search box

some people may say, in Shanghai love love station index, index and China webmaster tools, webmaster tools, as long as through the main keyword query can get the user’s long tail search results. But for such a result, given just a rough, for the kind of search volume only 3 or less, but also very accurate, this kind of words, the most suitable for the accurate flow of marketing, "

The top The top 233

[to increase user experience and increase the conversion rate of

increase the user search experience, what is the purpose of read more

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Site traffic do not rely too much on PPC causing heavy lessons

love for Shanghai website optimization, website traffic distribution, the number of antecedents, depth is an important factor to influence the composition of love Shanghai keywords ranking, this is well understood, because the search engine has no human intelligence, only through the analysis of flow index to understand the site situation. When someone through frequent search for a key to enter the site, browse depth is also very full, but that the IP is a natural flow of love, Shanghai may cooperate with original factors such as the analysis of the content of the website quality and content of subject, so as to provide the basis for the distribution of Web site keywords ranking. read more

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The electronic commerce website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy and network marketing sha

2, station optimization: maximum station basic optimization contains the website of the internal links reasonable cross, meet user habit site classification, site classification between clear hierarchy and so on are the basic skills of website optimization.

Due to the unique

page of the Title and Description are similar to the role of SEM in the creative information, so it has very important role, which determines whether the customer can at first in the search results to see the links you can decide to link to your site. Optimization requires not only control the number of words, this page > read more

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